I am a certified massage practitioner in the state of California. The therapeutic aspects of my work combine deep-tissue, sports, and Swedish massage techniques: 
Deep-tissue massage is particularly helpful for clients experiencing chronic muscle pain, tension and adhesions (i.e., 'knots"), by using specialized techniques to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue. 

Sports massage can benefit anyone engaged in athletic activity.  Pre-event sessions enhance circulation and flexibility in preparation for increased physical activity, contributing to improved performance and reducing the likelihood of  injury. Post-event sessions help prevent soreness and keep muscles from tightening during the recovery process. 

Swedish massage employs long, flowing strokes along muscle groups, serving to relieve general tension and  daily stress and promote lasting relaxation.
Techniques and pressure can be adjusted to your particular needs and preferences.

I have been a professional massage therapist since 1994. Read some of my reviews here.